Video of the week: LineFORM, the “formless” robot from MIT

It is a strange robot that researchers from MIT come to unveil. a robot snake is not a novelty in itself. There are already to inspect the pipes of nuclear power plants or to move on very uneven terrain. The vocation of the LineFORM is different. Out of the imagination of ‘Tangible Media Group’ research group from MIT, the vocation of this robot is not to achieve such or such task, this is an interface.
A snake robot that wraps around your arm and which signals the arrival of a message by contracting, in vibrant, it is the idea of researchers from MIT. Because of its strength, the snake can even indicate information depending on the form it will take. Fun idea, certainly, but will there be any practical application? The future will tell us.

The Lineform robot from the Tangible Media Group (Photo: ©-2012 Tangible Media Group / MIT Media Lab)

Le robot LineFORM (Photo: ©-2012 Tangible Media Group / MIT Media Lab)

Source : “Line – FORMKen Nakagaki, Sean Follmer, Hiroshi Ishii / 2015”

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