Deliveries by drones: Google’s Project Wing in a zone of turbulence

google-project-wingAn article published by Bloomberg comes to reveal, the project delivery by drone developed by division X of Alphabet Inc. knows some turbulence. The Project Wing saw its project manager leave the company, its frozen hiring while the partnership with Starbucks would have fallen in the water. Yet, the project team fly drones from 2014 and had finally won approval to test its delivery system in the United States last September. Will Google throw in the towel and leave the field free to Amazon?

google-x-project-wingWithout citing its sources, the Bloomberg reporter reveals that, after the departure of Dave Vos, the head of Project Wing last October, Alphabet Inc. (aka Google) would have ended in partnership with Starbucks, as well as hiring would have been frozen. A paradoxical information so the authorities (FAA powerful) American Airlines had finally granted the right to the team based in the Google Plex to test its drones in the United States. What speed up developments since the tests were to be conducted in Australia. It is expected that a food truck Chipotle must be used on the campus of Virginia Tech University to validate the delivery system by Google drone. A spokesman for the project X of Alphabet Inc. wanted to reassuring about the potential presented by deliveries via drones, without giving more details about the future of “Project X” neither confirm or deny breaking the agreement with Starbucks.

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