Lockheed Martin waives the in-flight diagnosis for the F-35

F355th generation combat aircraft, rated project to $ 400 billion, knows since its launch of multiple vicissitudes. Launched in 1996, this program is still not managed to deliver an operational combat aircraft and it is gradually turned into a money pit for the Pentagon and its Western allies engaged in this programme which should see this device built to 2,000 best… when it is finally to the point.
Last incident, the delays on the development of ALIS (Autonomic Logistics Information System). The development of computer application, led by Lockheed-Martin slips both and so the manufacturer has announced that, in conjunction with the Pentagon, the decision was taken to waive an innovative feature of its maintenance system: the “downlink”.

ALIS, the maintenance software of the F-35 cumulates also bugs and delays

Unable to list all the problems and delay that have marked this military program today. Last tile for future users of the F-35, the announcement made by Lockheed-Martin, the accumulated delays in the developments of the ALIS software grow the constructor a lighten version “Block 3” expected for 2017. ALIS, it is the software platform that will allow each of the air force lockheed-Martin client to manage each of the aircraft in its fleet of F – 35.ALIS-TestingAll data on the life of each aircraft are stored and conserved. Each piece, each amendment order, each repair is recorded. This is the software that manages the supply chain”of the fleet. All orders for spare parts go through him. The idea is to have a powerful software to improve the availability of the aircraft. The original specification included to the “Block 3” version expected in 2017, a rather innovative feature: a link real-time with the aircraft in flight. Each failure or anomaly detected by the aircraft is sent by radio link to ALIS. The mechanics were able to anticipate the interventions carried out on the device on his return, start parts, mobilize experts that the aircraft remains grounded the least time possible. This binding, the “downlink” in military jargon, also allows to know what arms are pulled by the device during its combat mission. The stock of missiles, bombs is therefore managed in real-time to the ground. There too, it comes to prepare the following mission without waiting for the return of their mission aircraft.
Officially, tests conducted on the downlink showed a security flaw in this link… which passes trap. The military will have to wait ALIS “Block 4” to dispose of this futuristic feature.

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Source : “F-35 Maintenance Support System Advances Without Downlink”, AINonline, MAy 27, 2015

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