Lufthansa wants to become operator of drones

LufthansaDeliveries by drones were interested until today e-merchants like Amazon, the operator of fast delivery like Fedex. Should now add to this list the airlines. Lufthansa is the first to unveil its ambitions in this sector, which has yet to be born. Lufthansa Aerial Services has signed a partnership agreement with the manufacturer of UAVs DJI to develop commercial applications that the company can offer its customers. Services that largely exceed the single delivery.

Lufthansa ambitions go far beyond the transport of freight by drone

It is a beautiful operation just to make Chinese Dong. It was chosen by Lufthansa to work on commercial services issued by drones.Lufthansa Industrial Service UAVIf logically that Lufthansa offers a delivery service of drones as he proposes already air cargo, the first tests carried out with Dong show the ambition of Lufthansa Aerial Services goes well beyond the air trades. Thus, the German has already carried out a pilot project in the field of inspection of wind turbines. Other experiments were performed for Fraport and DFS on Frankfurt airport facilities. Meanwhile, Lufthansa Technik has already completed inspections of the subsidiary maintains. The official release evokes inspections using thermal cameras over fields of wind turbine or solar panels, but also power lines, railway lines, pipelines.

Lufthansa ambition seems no limit since the communiqué also refers to agricultural applications, in the construction sector and yet the mining sector. The airline wants to embrace all of the business applications of UAVs. The first European airline is the first to show business ambitions in the area of UAVs. Will it be followed?

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Source : “Lufthansa Aerial Services and DJI join forces to develop commercial applications for drone technology”, Lufthansa press release, January 26, 2016

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