United Kingdom unveils its first autonomous car, the LUTZ

PODn automotive, our British neighbors are capable of the best and the worst. Jaguar type E, Aston Martin Vanquish to one side, Reliant Robin, Austin Allegro and Aston Martin Lagonda on the other. LUTZ Pathfinder, first autonomous car designed in Great Britain is that one and it is more than likely that Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter of Top Gear, will solve it its account soon.

However if its road performance are very modest and its questionable design, it will remain in history as the first British car designed to run independently.

The United Kingdom launched this year the first deployments to the public

Unveiled recently in London, the small LUTZ (for Low – carbon Urban Transport area) explored in a few months the streets and pedestrian areas of Milton Keynes, small town north of London for a first deployment test of autonomous vehicles.

This small LUTZ actually integrates the intelligence developed by researchers at the Mobile Robotics Group at the University of Oxford. To move at the speed of 15 Mph (24 km), the small pod needs 22 19 sensors different types, including cameras, radar, LiDAR.

LUTZ 2The LUTZ is not strictly speaking a traditional car, but a pod, a two-seater automated travel module. These “pods” can move in autonomous manner at low speed, including the pedestrian streets of Milton Keynes. The origin of the project, 100 pods were to be deployed, a number that seems to be revised downward. Initially 3 pods will be implemented in July in Milton Keynes to test the car but also gauge the reactions of the population. A broader deployment should take place at the end of year in Milton Keynes and Coventry. The RDM Group, the small vehicle manufacturer site, mentions the construction of 40 pods.

In addition, 8 automatic shuttle Meridian will be exploited in Greenwich. Shocking, these shuttles are provided by the french Navya Technology.

Rendez-vous in July 2015 in Milton Keynes to see the LUTZ at work.

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