Video of the week: An amazing biomimetic robotic hand

Zhe Xu and Emanuel Todorov, researchers from the University of Washington, are presenting their work at ICRA, the major conference Robotics which will take place in May next in Stockholm. U.S. researchers have chosen to imitate human anatomy to create a robotic hand. This biomimicry must allow a robot to grab objects of geometries and different consistencies.

A hand whose structure consists of bone printed in 3D

Biomimetic-robotic-hand bone, ligaments and tendons, this robotic hand seems straight out of a précis of anatomy. Yet, with its 10 servo motors, it is indeed a functional robotic hand. Able to take both a pen, a shell as a CD-ROM or a roll of scotch, this robotic hand enjoys a versatility well than of many “grippers” robotics. Researchers are clearly inspired by the human hand to create this robotic hand. He scanned the skeleton of a human hand then printed in 3D these bones. For ligaments and tendons, researchers have opted for the Sprectra, a plastic polyethylene high density. Finally, 10 servomotors Dynamixels allow this hand animate. The result is simply amazing.

Translation : Bing Translator

“Design of a Highly Biomimetic Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand towards Artificial Limb Regeneration”, research paper
“This Is the Most Amazing Biomimetic Anthropomorphic Robot Hand We’ve Ever Seen”, IEEEspectrum, February 18, 2016

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