Marussia F1 liquidation: the failure of the 100% digital team

Marussia-F1In receivership since 1 month, the Formula 1 team Marussia F1 has been declared bankrupt by the court administrator.
Released by his Russian sponsor, team Bianchi no longer align its cars at the start of the grand prix world championship. A failure due to lack of sponsors of the team, but also the failure of a 100% digital strategy.

A F1 racing team launched in 2010 by Richard Branson

In 2009, while the flamboyant Richard Branson wants to create a Formula 1 team in the colors of the Virgin group, so he bought the team Manor Motorsport , present only in Formula Renault and Formula 3 Euroseries. It will participate in the championship 2010. The idea of ​​the manager is to focus on the digital and innovation to compete with the big teams of the plateau have the financial means light years historical teams. Virgin Racing has no factory to produce shells and pieces of the car, but only a few 3D printers to create prototypes of parts before outsource their production. Another important difference, the team does not have a wind tunnel, the working tool no.1 F1 teams.

This is Monaco Jules Bianchi scored the one and only points scored by the team in its history.

This is Monaco Jules Bianchi scored the one and only points scored by the team in its history.

The aerodynamics of the cars in F1 is so important that all the teams have invested tens of millions of euros in the construction and in the operation of huge blowers. The bet is bold, but it will be lost. For his first two seasons, the young team advanced in last place in the world championship. HPC and the computer 72 TeraFlops Virgin Racing is not enough engineers to create a competitive car. In 2012, the team must turn to McLaren to gain access to the blower. The team is then taken over by his main sponsor Marussia Motors and Marussia F1 becomes. Now under Russian flag, the target of the small team to get on the podium at the first Grand Prix coming to compete in Sochi in 2014. The team rose slightly in the standings in 2011 and 2012, occupying the 10th place in the championship, but it will reach the Monaco Grand Prix this year for Jules Bianchi inscribe the first two points of the history of écurie.Ce never be the only points scored by the Russian team has been placed in liquidation and its entire staff fired.

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