MegaBots launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund the robot “Team USA”

Megabots-Mk-II-vs-KuratasIn early July, the US MegaBots defied Suidobashi Heavy Industries in a fair fight.
Challenge accepted by the Japanese. Both manufacturers will compete to their foals in June 2016. A kind of synthesis between the fascination of arms of some, stronger robotic culture to the other, this fight will not be a first of its kind for one detail, exceptional size these robots.
A fighting giant robots will decide between the two countries and to prepare robot this big fight, MegaBots wants to raise between $ 500,000 and $ 1.5 million to ensure the final victory.

A combat robots exceptional in size

Le Kuratas de Suidobashi Heavy Industries sera le challenger du Megabots Mr. II.

Le Kuratas de Suidobashi Heavy Industries sera le challenger du Megabots Mr. II.

In the US, the Robot Fighting League (RFL) was established in 2002. These robots fighting are not new, and TV shows such as Robot Wars took the baton in both the United States than in the United -um where the BBC broadcasts the program Robot Wars. The FRA (Fighting Robot Association) groups together several championships or rather series of events mounted on fighting robots.

This challenge MegaBots vs Suidobashi Heavy Industries looks more like a wrestling match as robotics challenge such as the DARPA Challenge. The robots are controlled so there will be no combat algorithms and artificial intelligence. In June 2016, it will be far enough from fighting robots mentioned in the science fiction film Real Steel released in theaters in 2011.

A KickStarter campaign that promises to be a success


La “Team USA” et la version Mk.II du robot de combat Megabots.

The challenge is, remains to MegaBots to finalize its combat robot. “Team USA” must improve its robot to take the shock against the Japanese Kuratas. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter . The initial goal is to raise $ 500,000. A sum which should be promptly reached and exceeded as the designers hope the robot. Indeed, they devised a series of improvements that could increase investment to $ 1.5 million.

New armor, improved power, new hydro and even improving the speed, the Mk. II for the win. MegaBots account in particular turn to Howe & amp; Howe Technologies, the amazing American startup that, after designing robots and various vehicles for films like GI Joe wants “uberiser” the defense sector with high-performance low-cost armored vehicles. Its tracked platform could propel the robot MegaBots at a speed twice higher than that of Kuratas.

If MegaBots manages to raise $ 1 million, its engineers would fit into their robot equilibrium algorithms developed by IHMC Robotics for the DARPA Robotics Challenge. For $ 250,000 more, they might rethink the robot’s cockpit with a NASA team to improve pilot safety. Finally, if the final envelope reached $ 1.5 million, the company will appeal to designers Fonco Creative Services to transform the work (which still looks a bit like a construction machine, it must be admitted) by film star as R2D2 and C-3PO.

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Source : “Team USA” seeks $500k on Kickstarter for ultimate robot battle with Japan”, FastCompany, August 18, 2015

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