Microsoft / Google: face to face in the Internet of things

Campus_MicrosoftThe high-tech titans have adopted strategies radically to address a potentially colossal market. Google has widely opened his wallet and multiplies chips shots to win quickly. Facing him, the world’s number one software proves strangely discreet. Microsoft lays his pieces one by one. Cloud service, incubator for startups, the American initiatives seem modest next to the stake. Microsoft hides his game?

Big bet of Google on the the Internet of things

s the Redmond giant moving next to the revolution of the Internet of things? Last week, Microsoft announced the creation of an incubator for startups in the area of the “home automation” on its Redmond campus. An initiative that seems well measured against the recent acquisitions of Google.

One can expect a rain of announcement this week at Google I/O. What will be the reply from Microsoft?

One can expect a rain of announcement this week at Google I/O. What will be the reply from Microsoft?

3.2 billion dollars invested to take control of Nest and her thermostat connected in February 2014, $ 555 million cash for the connected cameras of Dropcam here 3 days ago, Google is on the offensive, and not only to acquisitions coup. From the point of view innovations, we know probably more when the next Google I/O which takes place on 25 and 26 June in San Francisco. Expected ads on Android Wear, the ultra-light version of Android to the Wearables, as well as the connected watch motorcycle 360, that of LG, etc.

Do Microsoft hide his game on ‘wearables ‘?

Faced with this hyper-activity, Microsoft announced this incubator in partnership with American Family Insurance. On April 15, Microsoft had unveiled Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service, a service Cloud Computing dedicated to connected objects, a service to collect their data.

The tracker of activity according to Microsoft, a patent filed in October 2012.

The tracker of activity according to Microsoft, a patent filed in October 2012.

A new Cloud product in a straight line with Big Data services already supported by the Microsoft Azure cloud. Although little face that Google has already achieved. The mystery still around remains on what the ‘ Internet of Things ‘ team prepare a Redmond. At the beginning of the year, a leaked information as what the team Windows Embedded had renamed the ‘Internet of Things Team’. ZDNet, analyzing profiles LinkedIn of the members of the team, concluded that it is working on the non-PC operating systems: tablets, smartphones, consoles, but also equipment industrial, automotive, consumer electronics and wearables. For the moment, no trace of a ‘Windows Wear» catalogue Microsoft Windows Embedded. Imagine that hundreds of millions of dollars swallowed up to support sales of Tablet Surface should inspire some caution to Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO.
Google pays the price very early positioning in this market still nascent connected objects, Microsoft probably has the same aims but more cautious. Which of the two will be in the end?

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