Microsoft abandons Robotics

Microsoft-Robotics-Reference-PlatformWhile Amazon and especially Google are investing heavily in robotics, the news seems to be confirmed: Microsoft puts an end to its robotic activity. Satya Nadella, the new CEO, continued to prune in the strength of the number 1 global software and Robotics Labs is obviously passed to the hatch. Version 4 of the Microsoft Robotics Developer seems to be the last. Fans can always fall back on the Open Source and ROS that could be the big winner of this abandonment by Microsoft.
The time when Bill Gates had made Robotics an axis of development for Microsoft is beautiful and truly over.

An initiative in robotics launched by Bill Gates himself ends today

TechEd 2008, Bill Gates présente le Robo-Steve sur scène.

TechEd 2008: Bill Gates and Tandy Trower present onstage the Robo-Steve, symbol of the latest Robotics of the Publisher strategy.

As pointed out in the IEEE Spectrum site, Bill Gates wrote in 2007 an article that made date in Scientific American: “A Robot in Every Home”. He stressed while the Robotics revolution would be of the same order of the computer 30 years earlier, revolution which had both benefited Microsoft.
7 years later, if the take-off of the Robotics market is more or less in line with forecasts on which Microsoft relied, the PC market has collapsed. Microsoft must now rely on mobile and Cloud to absorb shock. Even if it means sacrificing growth medium term deposits.
Even if Microsoft had made free its Robotics RDS (Robotics Developer Studio) in 2010 development environment, Microsoft has failed to impose it as the Windows of robotics. Visitors to the latest editions of Techdays in Paris have noticed the disappearance of the robotic sessions a. Tandy Trower, who was the head of the Robotics Labs Microsoft had left Redmond 2010 Hoaloha Robotics, a startup positioned on Robotics of service for the elderly. Since then, Microsoft has launched version 4 of its Robotics Developer Studio in 2012 and then… nothing. The BN community who questioned until recently on a possible abandonment of the Microsoft Robotics platform. Orphaned of his solution, it expects that Microsoft Announces what he will make of RDS.

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