Apps: Why big companies can’t do it

Mobilité-EntreprisejpgA study of Apigee Institute points out the difficulties that large companies to develop their mobile applications. 45% of enter-they do not reach their goals, and they are only 8% said overtake on all fronts.
More used to manage projects of tens of millions of euros that develop apps for iOS or Android 7, IT departments seem to have trouble with the new rules of the game where it comes to Cloud, API and mobility.

Large companies have understood the challenges of the mobile revolution, but …

Mobile First! Eric Schmidt launched at the Mobile World Congress 2010, emphasizing the failover strategy for Google to mobile. 4 years later, the message was well received by companies who have understood that to get the productivity and competitiveness, we must offer mobile applications to its customers, its employees. 77% of CIOs surveyed by McKinsey say they now planned to equip the employees of their companies mobile devices and apps that will enable them to access company data.
DSI-mobilesBetween the desire to do so and be able to deliver a step there. Only 8% of CIOs seem to find that chemistry. To identify which blocks these large companies delivering mobile applications while they are capable of handling mega projects, Apigee has identified 5 metric to describe the success of an application. The quality and performance of the application itself is not really a cause of failure for 11% of companies. The impact of the application on the business is cited in 16% of cases. The cost of developing these apps and the number of applications that have been developed is considered unsatisfactory by 18% of companies. The fifth criterion is most frequently cited by 28% of businesses, specifically, the development time. Large companies are struggling to move up a gear.
Finally, the study seeks to identify what differentiates successful businesses from that can not make a successful mobile strategy development. All say they are customer-centric, data-driven, innovative or looking for business value. For cons, the ones that succeed have a few more keywords to their vocabulary: mobile-centric, cloud-first and foremost a Outside-in approach, that is to say, the opening to the outside. The secret ingredient for successful alchemy of mobile development?

Source :
“Lessons from the App Masters”, Apigee Report, August 12, 2014

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