Mobile World Congress 2016: Virtual reality, year zero ?

Mark Zuckerberg-MWC16 the image went around the net in seconds. Posted by Mark Zuckerberg, it shows to go on the big stage of the Mobile World Congress for the Samsung presentation. The hearing, more than 5,000 people, is fully equipped with virtual reality goggles; so blind to reality. The parallel with the advertising cult of Apple picking up the imagery of “1984” is striking. Beyond the anecdote, virtual reality is at the heart of this major mobility event 2016 edition.

Facebook/Oculus and Samsung create the event in Barcelona

Samsung-4D-theater while the ads around the 5 G should occupy the center of the attention of the media, the Web ignited around the image posted by Mark Zuckerberg the Conference of Samsung.
The founder of Facebook came to discuss the future of virtual reality. The year 2015 has finally been a transition year, Oculus Rift having preferred to wait until 2016 to run commercially, so it in 2016 we will see if virtual reality finally breaks the shackles of professional applications to democratize finally.
If HTC has unveiled his Vive helmet positioned on the high end at $799 (compare to the $ 599 that will be sought for the Oculus Rift), Samsung has seen great to support sales of his Galaxy Gear VR helmet. Samsung has even announced that he would offer his helmet to buyers of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Korean has installed in Barcelona a mini-gym cinema 4 d to promote virtual reality with assistance.

Virtual reality is a fad, has yet to make a “mass market”

MWC2016-VR Samsung and Facebook/Oculus are allied to democratize virtual reality, but LG, Alcatel, HTC and Epson unveiled in Barcelona new helmets. Sony is in Barcelona but has not innovated. As well as if we expected again on the side of Google, including a successor to the Cardboard, but the Web giant unveiled nothing new so far. Apple is obviously the great absentee from Barcelona. We know that with Flyby Media, Tim Cook has made an acquisition in the area, but for now no one knows if Apple will position themselves in this market and especially when.

Also these tenors of virtual reality, is on the omnipresence of VR Helmets on the other stands that can be measured enthusiasm or rather the hopes aroused by the virtual reality. Orange, SK Telecom, AT & T Business, but also Coyote, Ford, Gemalto, the “GSMA Innovation city” Pavilion and even that of the region of Catalonia, virtual reality helmets are ubiquitous in Barcelona. Analysts announced the explosion of the market of VR in 2016. We are there. Remains to Mark Zuckergerg transform virtual reality in mass phenomenon.

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