Mobile World Congress 2016: Sigfox signs a contract to 1 million connected objects

Ludovic-Le-Moan--Otio---SigfoxL’Espagne semble bien réussir à Sigfox. The LPWA (Low-Power Wide-Area) network operator has signed a nice contract in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. The Group HBF, specializing in equipment of the smart home (or home automation as told in the 20th century) has just signed with the pioneer of communicating IoT to make networks the next million copies of its product. A nice success for Toulouse While LoRa competing networks are being deployed.

Smart Home sector focuses on the IoT networks

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2016, Actility deployed a network LoRa on Barcelona in order to demonstrate the virtues of this new network for the Internet of things. While Actility and all the operators who rallied to this network for connected objects, Sigfox technology continues its commercial deployment. Thus, on the Spanish Congress, Sigfox signed with Patrick a contract which will allow it to connect up to a million objects. Subsidiary of the HBF group, Patrick markets thermostats, smoke detectors, remote control for electrical outlets and garage door motors. This is Patrick Comfort Alert, the alarm transmitter connected of the brand that will benefit from this Sigfox connectivity.

Verisure another success for Sigfox, another actor in domestic security, Securitas Direct. The number 1 European security systems had already signed for 1 million connections in the Spanish territory. It comes to extend this agreement on the France with 200,000 additional connections. From March 2016 onwards, the mark Verisure, better known in France, alarm systems will benefit Sigfox connectivity. While these boxes are already connected ADSL and the cellular network, they will be also connected via LPWA. Marketing made this increased connectivity an anti-jamming function. Indeed, the GSM jammers will remain powerless via-à-vis the Sigfox signals. Not bad for a network inherited submarines of the first world war!

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