Robot Cook: Moley Robotics can succeed his bet?

The founders of Moley Robotics will go up to commercialize their robot? This is the question that can arise both their project seems avant-garde. Imagine two arm robots capable of handling knives, pots and dishes for a meal from a simple recipe. The project was launched in 2014 and l “team project hopes to commercialize its robot in 2017. For the time being, the startup prepares a crowdfunding on Seedrs campaign.

3 years of working to commercialize a revolutionary robot

The idea has germinated in the brain of a mathematician, Mark Oleynik. A robot with two arms strangely human and capable of making sushi, macaroons or any recipe a catalog online. Believe the project site, the idea is was launched in January 2014, the first patents filed a month later and the construction of the prototype started in September of the same year. Moley RoboticsThis prototype has required 12 months of work. An extremely tight schedule for a startup being constitution but Moley Robotics has relied on the expertise of many partners including Shadow Robotics, a designer of robotic hands, the famous design office Sebastian Conran as well as a Stanford researcher specializing in biomimicry and robotics, Professor Mark Cutkosky. Despite a ultra-short development schedule, the prototype was presented at the CES Shanghai in may 2015 where he won the “Best of the Best” award. Crowdfunding campaign must start this month for marketing in the fourth quarter of 2017. The project seems futuristic, perhaps too much if compared with the robots of service currently on the market. The coming weeks will be decisive for the team of Mark Oleynik to succeed his bet.

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