Mozilla unveils AppMaker, a solution for DIY software

Mozzila-AppmakerMozilla has officially launched AppMaker, a development tool online. The purpose of the tool is to create HTML5 applications and especially for Firefox Firefox OS. This is a clever way to build applications quickly a library for the first smartphones with this new OS. The solution posted by Mozilla favors simplicity. Wysiwyg is totally visual and works by simple assembly of graphic blocks. No code is required to create an application. AppMaker goal: that all users are able to create their mobile applications themselves.

AppMaker, a new attempt to create a code generator for all

It is a long-running story. Create applications without programming sparked a number of incalculable tool project. The results have often been disappointing. Too slow, too distant result quality standards developed “by hand” applications, these tools have never really been successful. Maybe this AppMaker Mozilla is timely to meet his public.

L'atelier de

the integrated “development” environment of Appmaker.

On the one hand AppMaker comes as the DIY movement knows a craze. Perhaps future generations will no longer want to create their own applications than their elders. On the other hand, the solution developed by Mozilla is particularly simple filled: There is a fifty blocks to place on the screen to create the application. Of low-level components: button, picture, storyteller, others more like a block at Paypal, a multimedia player, an animation of fireworks. Clearly, it will be very difficult to create advanced applications. Nevertheless, it has 6 blocks for developing a true logic. Difficult to go much further, particularly in data structures if you do not want to lose the public road.
A fairly well treated by Appmarker point concerns the deployment of apps created. The tool generates a URL where the application can be found, but also a QRcode. By scanning with a smartphone, we will be able to install Firefox on their smartphone or directly on the case of a mobile Firefox OS.

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