Nasa wants to send a robot fish in the oceans of Europa

Cornell Lamprey Rover 2Researchers at Cornell University in the United States come to pick up a budget from Nasa to study a new type of crawler: a fish. Self-sufficient, this flexible robot could one day sail the oceans of Europa, Jupiter’s sixth Moon in order to perform various actions. The researchers took to model one of the most curious fish that exist on Earth, the lamprey. This idea of bio-inspired robot seems rather silly but she seduces the NIAC’s Nasa program. a research program all-out who wants to make ideas that appear to be derived from science fiction real novels.

The «Space lamprey», one of the 15 projects of the NIAC’s Nasa program

NIAC, an acronym for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts is a program of financing of research projects whose avowed aim is to make science real fiction. The goal being to find ideas at odds with the classical space exploration projects Cornell Lamprey Rover1NASA funds thus multiple small projects within a framework of 15 disciplines. Cornell Lamprey Rover1t they leave their imagination run wild. «Space lamprey» draft seems quite surprising, but it will probably take several decades before it is shipped to Europa. Nasa awarded $100,000 to the Cornell engineering team to see if such robotic fish is feasible. The robot, built in 3D printing should also be self-sufficient. No Atomic battery, no fuel come to Earth and well heard no solar panels for this lamprey marine. Must catalyze the water of Europa in order to subsist on the satellite of Jupiter.

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Source : “Soft robot to swim through Europa’s oceans”, Cornell Chronicle, May 12, 2015

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