Netvibes wants to become dashboard of connected objects

Netvibes-Potions-ifttt--2Netvibes is about to unveil the third major evolution of its service. After a first version of the portal dedicated to the day before on the internet in the 2000s , a version dedicated to the analytical , the portal takes a new turn , that of the Internet of Things .

Netvibes will be able to collect data from connected devices but also react according to this data through an easily programmable system rule by portal user : the ” Potions .” Netvibes, a direct competitor of IFTTT is coming soon!

To a face to face Netvibes Potions vs IFTTT Recipes

The feature is called Netvibes Potions. Imagine that your Withings scale can send a positive SMS if you’ve lost weight or an encouragement SMS case reverse. With Netvibes Potions, it is childish. Simply set up a rule with the data sent by the balance, a condition ‘IF’ to send the first message, a “OTHERWISE” condition for the latter.


A function that implements social networks, smartphone and objects connected with a few clicks, it will soon be possible on Netvibes ‘potions ‘.

The Potions of Netvibes terribly looks like IFTTT recipes. Principle is the same. For the moment, in terms of objects connected, the advantage goes to IFTTT. Netvibes has a Withings connector while his rival has many modules, tonight for Lifx, Nest, Parrot, Philips, Walia, Winx and still Netatmo, Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings products. 184 channels all confused which enabled users to create dozens of recipes for the Internet of things. Netvibes therefore adopts this principle, with ‘Potions’ that can be shared between users of Netvibes if they wish.
Netvibes will quickly have to make available to its users new connectors to be able to compete in this market where anything is to invent. The launch of the “Dashboard of Things” by Netvibes is now imminent.

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Source : “Le Dashboard of Things : la troisième phase de l’évolution de Netvibes”, Communiqué Netvibes, February 11, 2015

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