The amazing catalog of 3D object to print of the U.S. Department of Health

VirusPrint 3D human brain, a crane or a virus is what is proposed by the NIH 3D Print Exchange. Launched a few weeks ago, this site is a catalog of “official” 3D printable objects launched by the Department of Health and Human Services U.S., the Department of Health. This approach aims to help medical students to study anatomy as well as surgeons repeat procedures on these 3D models.
A remarkable initiative “Open Data” type that can not hope that it will lead others. So when the 3D models of national museums, art books for download?

To a proliferation of 3D catalogs

There is a large number of catalog of 3D objects on the Web for 3D graphic for some, for designers CAD for others. Among them Turbosquid, Top Models, the Google 3D Warehouse, 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes or Autodesk 123D library.

NIH 3D Print Exchange : Full-brain

A 3D model of real human brain, ready to be printed in 3D is available on the NIH website 3D Print Exchange.

With the rise of 3D printers, public libraries will significantly expand since it is all owners of 3D printers will start to search for 3D models to feed their printer. The manufacturer Stratasys 3D printers do not make a mistake because when he completed the acquisition of Makerbot to conquer the mass market / semi-professional, he offered the catalog Thingiverse in stride. A catalog that now has no fewer than 300,000 objects in STL format.These files are ready to print more and more frequent and the number of downloads GrabCAD speaks for itself: the STL model of the Audi R8 has been downloaded more than 60,000 times that of the convertible helicopter film Oblivion 32.414 times … With the relative democratization of 3D scanners, the number of 3D models that will be uploaded by users will explode.

NASA has up to date its catalog of 3D objects, the NASA 3D Resources . Part of the 3D models that were previously available Blender format can be downloaded in STL format. With its 100% STL catalog, NIH is one of the pioneers of the online its 3D data. Hopefully it will be followed by many other institutions.

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