“Teatro for Dayz”, the smartphone car from Nissan

Teatro-for-DayzIt will undoubtedly be one of the stars of the Tokyo Motor Show which will open its doors on October 30, 2015. The small concept car to be unveiled by Nissan has nothing revolutionary Exterior. In appearance, a Nissan Cube restyled and upgraded, which would have happened to the power. The innovation introduced by the “Teatro for Dayz” is inside: the Japanese turned the dashboard, door ornaments and even the seats in Screen A typical Japanese concept that aims undoubtedly to reconcile. “otaku “with the car.

A concept car that wants to seduce the “Digital Natives”

Nissan Teatro for Dayz 1The screens are increasing in modern cars. Counters, dashboard, back issues, they are more and more present, more and larger. The Tesla Model S with its screen 17 ‘currently holds the record but the “Teatro for Dayz” redefined the very concept of car screen. This is by 1, 2 or 6 displays that are embedded in this tiny car, but all the interior trim, including the seats, which are now active screens.

Nissan Teatro for Dayz 2The idea of this screen car emerged from a survey conducted by the manufacturer to the “Digital Natives”. Previous generations sought sportiness, performance, worse comfort, energy savings? The new generations seek above all to keep in touch with their communities, with their friends, share their experiences. Message received by Hidemi Saaki, planning director of product of Japanese manufacturer that has transformed the interior of the car giant smartphone. ENissan Teatro for Dayz 3verything inside the vehicle, seats, steering wheel and doors trimmings can be understood in the colors of the mood of the occupants: vegetable textures, blue atmosphere, colorful or monochrome, according to the mood selected by the passengers. When driving, the car displays dials needed to conduct. When the car is stationary, it becomes a game console or rather communication tool, both the entire dashboard and on the seats.

Outside, all that was deemed “aggressive”, ie recalling the idea of speed was withdrawn in favor of protective elements and screen shield. Again, the vehicle will be displayed outside his state of mind.

Go to Tokyo to learn more about the technologies used and see what will be the home of the youngest public before … this smartphone with wheels!

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Source : “Design of Teatro for Dayz: A clean canvas for digital sharing”, Nissan press release, October 5, 2015


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