Christmas of the future, as seen by Amazon


Amazon UK has just published an astonishing study written by two futurists on their vision of what Christmas will be like in the future, and in particular what we will find on the Christmas table. Hydroponic culture, 3D-printed dishes will coexist with turkey and other traditional dishes. In the same way, technology is going to give Christmas decorations a whole new lease of life.

A globalised and… technological Christmas

Christmas decorations and 3D printed dishes at home, this is the future for Amazon.

(Photo: Jeremy Peterson/Thingiverse)

Could 3D printing really revolutionize the Christmas holidays, is this amazing parallel between William Higham’s futuristic consultant futurologist at Next Big Thing and Dr. Morgaine Gaye’s futurologist in the field of nutrition in this report written for Amazon on the theme of the future of Christmas.

For these consultants, the New Year’s Eve table will be totally globalized, with dishes from different cultures, from the 12 Polish dishes, the Scandinavian buffet, Mexican and Indian dishes and, of course, the traditional turkey. You’ll also see 3D fir-shaped plates and other Christmas symbols from soybeans, as well as also printed cakes.  Likewise, some dishes will be made with the hydroponic production of each household.

LED or laser spotlights to replace Christmas lights, that's the vision of futurists.

Another theme dear to some people is Christmas decorations. Decorations printed in 3D will multiply on the trees, allowing everyone to print personalized patterns. Even more spectacularly, with LED spotlights, the garlands of light bulbs will be replaced on the facades by holographic projections. A new way to decorate your home that, according to the consultants, will allow you to change the patterns, photos or animations projected by simple voice command and no longer have to replace these decorations according to fashion.


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Source: “Amazon presents’ Shop The Future’ this Christmas”, Tamebay, 7 December 2017

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