Norway wants to impose electric aircraft for regional flights by 2040

Formerly a major exporter of oil and gas, Norway has positioned itself as the champion of electric means of transport. With 16% of vehicles sold in 2016, Norway is the most advanced country in its transition to electric vehicles, and now 50% of registrations in the country are electric or hybrid vehicles. However, the Nordic leaders do not intend to stick to land vehicles alone. Indeed, the country wishes to push commercial aviation towards electrification, with a particularly ambitious deadline: 2040.

100% of regional flights to be electric by 2040

Norway is the first country to adopt such a proactive approach to electricity. The Nordic country wants all regional flights to be operated by electric aircraft by 2040. All connections of less than 1.5 hours will have to switch to zero emission mode, i. e. not only regional flights, but also flights to neighbouring countries. Several steps were mentioned: a 19-seat airliner will have to be tested by Avinor, the Norwegian airport operators by 2025, with a first commercial flight to be conducted in 2030 before the ban on kerosene on regional flights in 2040. Norway is the first country to make such a commitment when there is as yet no aircraft capable of making such connections.

Numerous projects for electric-propelled airliners are under development. Wright Electric, chosen by Easyjet and Zunum Aero, supported by Boeing, are the most visible projects but currently, the only electric aircraft that can fly its mono or two-seater and no prototype electric line aircraft has ever been airborne. The aviation authorities have not yet even defined the certification rules to which these paper aircraft will have to adhere.


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