8 manufacturers will compete in season 2 of Formula E

Formula-E8 manufacturers are registered to participate in the season 2 of the formula E Championship.
After a first season where all the teams had the same cars, manufacturers will be able to start to innovate on the season 2. They will have the right to design a new powertrain for their cars and take the advantage on the track. Renault, but ABT Sportline, representing Audi in DTM, appear on the list of the first 8 manufacturers in contention.

A Championship designed to stimulate research on electric cars

A50A8009Never the formula 1 have never been cars away also. The stables are making considerable efforts to optimise the aerodynamics of their cars. Tens of millions of dollars in studies without any real application handy for road cars. The formula E will do better, it is in any case the will of Alejandro Agag, CEO of this new between the cars electrical. “We want that this Championship is a platform where different technologies will be tested, and then be implemented on road cars. “We want that builders are struggling to develop the best technology to win the races ‘ says Alejandro Agag.

To not fall into the excesses of the formula 1, designers of this new formula conceived a device to both prevent the flight of costs which is trying to kill the formula 1, but also compel manufacturers to improve electric motors and systems of energy storage of their cars rather than find aerodynamic tricks to improve performance.

8 manufacturers will be competing in the season 2015/2016

“One of the key elements of the formula E, is control of costs” says Alejandro Agag, ‘ we want to make the progressive development “. While season 1, all teams had cars all built on the same chassis, the Spark – Renault SRT_01E and of an electric powertrain unique designed by McLaren Electronic Systems, season 2, engaged manufacturers will be able to improve electric single-seater motors, without being able to interact on the batteries. “One of the keys of the form E is this rule that we have implemented and who wants that other teams may ask another team buy its thruster” adds Alejando Agag.

The chassis of the formula will remain unchanged for 5 years to prevent manufacturers to innovate on this plan.

The chassis of the formula will remain unchanged for 5 years to prevent manufacturers to innovate on this plan..

‘Manufacturers will be forced to cede them to all teams at a capped price. This rule which States that the small teams will be able to buy the technology of the big teams will be able to raise the level of the competition. ” Teams can improve batteries part of season 3, knowing neither the chassis nor the aerodynamics can be changed before the fifth season. A fifth season that should be central to the formula E since if currently need 2 cars per race and driver, in season 5, the driver must make its grand prize with one car and therefore a single battery charge. “This is a great challenge to double in 5 years the capacity and power of these cars. We will show the evolution of electric cars on a very short period, this is a very ambitious plan and other manufacturers join” concludes Alejando Agag, who hopes that other major manufacturers join the formula E in season 3.

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Source : “Eight manufacturers to enter Formula E next season”, Communiqué de presse Formule E, 23 février 2015

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