Towards an Open Source standard for bike connected?

OpenBikeGPS, locks, sensors in all genres and of course bikes to electric propulsion, connected cycling today is one made for many cyclists, be they sports or simply followers of “biking” to move in the city. The OpenBike American offers a unified platform to connect all electronic equipment a bike between them but also communicate this real network two-wheel with Cloud services. OpenBike, future cycling Linux?


An open and connected to the Cloud platform

Randall Jacobs - OpenBike

Randall Jacob, founder of OpenBike wants to develop an open bicycle computer architecture.

Startup hosted by Highway1, a San Francisco incubator dedicated to hardware communities, OpenBike is working on a technology platform that will enable all electronic equipment that will attach to a bike share a same battery, Exchange data over a network, and finally communicate with the Cloud. The idea of Randall Jacobs, the founder of OpenBike is to create an open platform called ONE which will, eventually, to OEMs to create cheaper products and to the free choice of equipment. According to the designer, this will help equip bikes turn signals, stop lamps, a trip computer and of course an essential outlet charger for smartphone.

OpenBike has entered into an agreement with Marin Bikes, an American bicycle Builder who will be the first to market a compatible bike. The extra cost reached even $300 for the bike. Smartphone support will be then sold for $20 and lights $80. What will be the actual strategy for opening OpenBike and licence under which ONE technology will be open, it remains still unclear. It’s the key to the success of the OpenBike project.

Source : “OpenBike Charges Phones, Lights, and Connects Your Bike to the Cloud”, IEEE Spectrum, May 26, 2016


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