The quantum computer of D-Wave Systems crosses 1000 Qubits

D-Wave 1000Q (Courtesy of D-Wave Systems Inc.)The Canadian D-Wave Systems announced the commercial availability of its D-Wave Systems 2X, new generation of quantum computer. The first D-Wave machine had been unveiled in 2007 and its quantum processor while offering 16 Qubits. Since the builder regularly improves its processors and quantum computer of new generation that offers today’s offer, according to its designer, a power of more than 1,000 Qubits. The machine is theoretically capable of testing two 1000 power values simultaneously. Rather interesting when we want to crack an encryption code …

Moore’s Law applies now to the quantum computer

The technology developed since 1999 by the Canadian D-Wave Systems is always the heart of an expert battle but managed to raise $ 123.8 million since its inception, including from Goldman Sachs, Bank of Canada, Bezos Expeditions the investment fund of Jeff Bezos and yet in-Q-Tel, the CIA background. The previous generations of machines quantum D-Wave had been sold to Lockheed Martin and Google.

D-Wave Two and its 1,000 Qubits is officially sold. (Photo: Courtesy of D-Wave Systems Inc.)

D-Wave Two and its 1,000 Qubits is officially sold. (Photo: Courtesy of D-Wave Systems Inc.)

With the announcement of a quantum computer 2X Qubits with 1000, D-Wave manages to keep Moore’s Law well in this special field of quantum computer. In 2014, the Canadian marketing a model 512 Qubits, this year 1000 Qubits bar is crossed. But much more than classical computers, increasing the number of Qubits blew the available power exponentially (which gave birth to Rose’s law: “ La power of quantum computers (the number of qubits available) doubles every year. The difference is that, contrary to Moore’s law, doubling qubits leads also an increase in the computational power of machines.
According to its designers, this machine provides extremely significant performance gains. According to its own benchmark, the D-Wave Systems 2X will bring an acceleration by a factor of 600 on classical optimization algorithms.
Values ​​that few researchers can verify for themselves. According to the BBC, the cost of the D-Wave 2, the previous version which only had 512 Qubits was around 15 million. Like his maintains in operational conditions is not easy because its quantum processor works only within 15 Millikelvin, ie at a temperature close to absolute zero.
While the side of microprocessors “classic”, Moore’s Law seems to be ending, the quantum computer is one of the tracks followed even if the applications of such a machine, currently restricted to optimization problems or Code of cracking, still seem limited.

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