18 Jun 2013

Bourget 2013: The K-Max has delivered more than 1.5 million tons in Afghanistan

Le K-MAX, drone ravitailleur de l'U.S. Marine Corps.Here 1 year U.S. Navy deployed the K – MAX in Afghanistan drone. Built by Lockheed Martin and Kaman Aerospace, this autonomous helicopter was tasked to refuel the troops. A good way to avoid IEDs, the improvised bombs placed by the Taliban on roads frequented by convoys of troops from NATO. Lockheed Martin says the savings generated by this means of transport. A K – MAX is theoretically capable of lifting 33,000 pounds and carry his load without risking the life of a human being. Its constructor has stressed that its drone has already delivered 3.5 million pounds in Afghanistan since the beginning of its deployment. A result that has however not made without case: a K-MAX crashed June 5, while delivering its load.

16 Jun 2013

Bourget 2013 : Fin de la guerre EADS et Dassault sur le drone MALE

TelemosL’accord de coopération entre EADS, Dassault et Finmeccanica signera-elle enfin l’émergence d’une réponse européenne dans le domaine des drones MALE (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance) ? La situation avait fini par être ubuesque : Alors que l’Armée française a un besoin urgent de renforcer ses forces au Mali, elle doit se tourner vers General Atomics et son Reaper. Ni le couple Dassault Aviation/BAE Systems avec leur Telemos, ni EADS avec son Talarion ne pouvant lui livrer une solution sur étagère, c’est à dire directement opérationnelle. Lire la suite

7 May 2013

Repeted Bugs on the 2013 F1

2013-Australian-GP-19he 2013 season is announced as a year of transition for the small world of formula 1. It is indeed in 2014 that the F1 will radically change. Arrival engine V6 Turbo, new energy recovery systems, etc. This is to anticipate this technological break that McLaren Electronic Systems, supplier of the ECU, the F1 onboard computers, introduced the model 2014 from this year. Not without difficulty, as in the first trials of early in the season, the bugs have proliferated. Not only McLaren did wrong was make his case, but even the official telemetry system of the FIA is… Lire la suite

25 Apr 2013

Eurocopter demoed an EC145 helicopter turned into drone

AFlight, le drone selon EurocopterFranco-German manufacturer comes to surprise the aeronautical world in realizing a first public demonstration of a fully automated helicopter. The manufacturer has chosen an EC145 to make April 25 this demonstration out of the ordinary at Istres flight. For the first time in public, the helicopter carried out a mission of supply type, 40 min flight during which this banal appearance EC145 directed the transport of goods under Sling but without no pilot is on board.
Industrial conducted this research program baptized AFlight on its own funds and in the greatest secrecy. It intends to propose this ‘control mode ‘ robotic as an option to all its range models that already have an autopilot sufficiently evolved. This is the concept of OPV: Optionally Piloted Vehicle. Lire la suite

13 Apr 2013

Lockheed Martin unveils its drone project for the Navy

UCLASS-landing Lockheed Martin takes the form of the flying wing that he has already mastered with its RQ – 170 Sentinel but for a camera that seems to be for sale. The manufacturer has promised a maximum reuse of software, equipment and other programs: RQ-170, but also F – 35 c… not what reassure the American taxpayer. Lire la suite