11 Jan 2018

Honda, LG, UBTech, Sony: the robot stars of the CES 2018

With its A3-x18 series of mobile robots, Honda made a big impression by unveiling no less than 4 robots, beating its rival LG who had brought to Las Vegas 3 versions of its robot CLOi. These robots have given their demonstrator a hard time at their public presentation, proof if these robots seem close to the stage of commercialization, the AIs remain perfectible. However, these service robots were robbed by a Chinese robot, the Ubtech Walker. This humanoid with no arms (!) and swaying gait is undoubtedly the most sympathetic domestic assistant of the ESC. Finally, how can we forget Sony’s Aibo, which is reborn from its ashes and could well be the success that escaped its ancestor. Lire la suite

10 Jan 2018

Kodak to launch its Blockchain:”Blockchain washing” or genius move?

A desperate brand following the collapse of the film industry in the photo market, Kodak had become the symbol of the company unable to face the digitalization of the market, the symbol of the company used before the hour. Since then, the policy of licencing à tout va de ses dirigeants had enough to leave doubt on the durability of one of the most famous American brands. Eureka, they found an unstoppable way out, creating a blockshine. Kodak has partnered with WENN Digital to create a blockchain dedicated to photographic rights management, create the KodakCoin and launch an ICO in the process. Lire la suite

9 Jan 2018

CES 2018: NVidia accelerates on the autonomous car

As every year now, NVidia has held a plenary session at the ESC, a conference that is generally very well attended because the founder’s progress is a testament to that of the automotive industry towards autonomous vehicles. The 2018 edition did not deviate from the rule since Jensen Huang, founder of NVidia presented Pegasus, a hardware platform that will be able to control autonomous vehicles of level 5, i. e. totally autonomous. Xavier, the new chip that equips this ECU, now has 9 billion transistor and delivers 30 TFlops of power, more than 15 times better than the previous generation, based on the Pascal chip.

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8 Jan 2018

Precision agriculture: Researchers turn plants into connected objects

Researchers at the University of Iowa’s MEMS and Biochips laboratory have published the results of their work. They have created ultra-fine sensors that can be attached to the plant to measure water consumption, key information for improving greenhouse or field crop yield and optimizing field irrigation. In addition to this precision farming, these sensors could also be used in architecture or healthcare. Lire la suite

7 Jan 2018

Crowdsourcing: A FedEx employee discovers the largest prime number

Called M77232917, the number discovered by Jonathan Pace, a Fedex employee is not only the largest prime number existing, but it is also the 50th first_number of Mersenne, i. e. a prime number that has the form 2p-1. The number represented by 277,232,917-1 has 23,249,425 digits, a colossal number that did not come out of the supercomputer algorithms of a university research center, but from a PC all that is most banal. In fact, in addition to his job at FedEx, Johathan Pace is a system administrator for several associations and it is on one of the machines he manages that he has installed GIMPS, an Open Source software dedicated to this search for Mersenne numbers and that anyone can install to launch this endless quest. Lire la suite