15 Dec 2017

Aerion vs Boom Supersonic: The supersonic race accelerates

Aerion Corporation has just announced that it has signed a partnership with Lockheed Martin to develop its supersonic AS2 business jet.

The American defense giant takes over from Airbus at the side of the startup to help him develop a supersonic that will compete with business jets thanks to its supersonic speed and a range of action that will allow him to make a Los Angeles / Paris of one go. Lire la suite

14 Dec 2017

Boeing Promises $2 Million for Best Jetpack

width=The challenge is up! High-flying engineers, mad inventors and daredevils are on the starting line to win the GoFly Prize. This challenge, essentially financed by Boeing, promises Jetpack’s top designers $2 million. The participants have two years to design the best equipment to turn a human being into a rocketeer ! Lire la suite

13 Dec 2017

The DHL & Dell Robotics Innovation Challenge 2017 won by Vecna Robotics

The American Vecna Robotics has just won the robotics challenge organized by DHL and Dell. His robot, the Tote Retrieval System (TRS) wins the $15,000 prize for a challenge at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany, where the robot was to perform the “picking” of boxes of varying sizes and weights in a rack. The robot triumphed in the events and its designer hopes to market it as soon as 2018. Lire la suite

12 Dec 2017

Christmas of the future, as seen by Amazon


Amazon UK has just published an astonishing study written by two futurists on their vision of what Christmas will be like in the future, and in particular what we will find on the Christmas table. Hydroponic culture, 3D-printed dishes will coexist with turkey and other traditional dishes. In the same way, technology is going to give Christmas decorations a whole new lease of life. Lire la suite

10 Dec 2017

AI soon to be better speed drone pilot than the human?

After chess, the Jeopardy, the Go game, researchers are now interested in a new sport, the FPV Racing, i. e. the drones race. Researchers at the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena, a NASA laboratory, have unveiled the results of more than two years of research and the result is stunning. Confronted with an experienced pilot, the IA doesn’t have the weight, but it does perform well on a rather complex course, and she rides this competition drone probably more quickly than many of us. Lire la suite