Panasonic is preparing to market its first exoskeleton

ActiveLinkOften, technological advances are well behind that we can see in science fiction movies. 2001 The Space Odyssey course, Back to the Future, Space 1999, etc. Still no teleporters, lunar bases, flying cars, etc. In a field, the reality may well surpass fiction, the exoskeletons. The P-5000 Caterpillar Loader Work featured in Alien, a supposed movie take place in 2025, could be available much sooner than expected. ActiveLink, Panasonic subsidiary is preparing to bring to market its first exoskeleton.

A first exoskeleton sold 8,100 $ in September 2015

The prototype ActiveLink MS-02, one of the most ambitious exoskeletons of the moment.

The prototype ActiveLink MS-02, one of the most ambitious exoskeletons of the moment.

The exoskeletons of the market is being born. After time prototypes and experiments, the first commercial models are there. After Cyberdyne, ReWalk, it is the turn of ActiveLink, Panasonic subsidiary announced the availability of its first model, the Assist Suit AWN-03. There is only a slight pattern, of the order of 6 kg which entitles the holder to lift up to 15 kg effortlessly. Autonomy announced is 6 hours. This model will be marketed at a price of 1 million yen, or about 7,500 euros. It is comparable to the first exoskeletons already on the market but ActiveLink already in its lobby prototypes far more ambitious models. Its MS-02, with 22 electric motors, its telescopic arms with steel clamps and robotic legs has all the “Caterpillar P-5000”, 10 years before Alien.

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