Panasonic transforms its HOSPI service robot into an advertising medium

A new robot has just started up in Narita airport halls. Named “Signage HOSPI” by these designers, this rounded robot is to advertising what sandwich men were in the 1930s. Armed with its three advertising screens, this robot will go through terminals 2 and 3F at Tokyo airport with the mission of counting the number of “views” and evaluating whether this advertising medium obtains good ratings from travellers and presents an interesting return on investment for the manager of a billboard park. .

The experiment took place in Tokyo Narita from January 15,2018 to February 26,2018 and Panasonic’s good old HOSPI robot was selected. This service robot, already used in Japanese hospitals to assist nursing staff, has also been programmed to play the butler in hotels and still assist visitors in public places. With its three screens, this new version “Signage HOSPI” has been programmed for a particularly simple mission: to walk in the public areas of the Japanese airport terminals and count the passengers who will pass within reach of its screens. This Robot-sandwich job is certainly not the noblest mission a service robot can accomplish, but from an economic point of view, it is certainly one of the most promising applications of the moment.

Source: “Panasonic Conducts Demonstration Experiment of Autonomous Signage Robot,”HOSPI (R)” at Narita Airport”, Panasonic Press Release, January 18,2018.

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