Panasonic customizes its Lumix GM1 by 3D printing

LUMIX-GM1-epochsThe GM1 Lumix as Panasonic has unveiled at the Photokina in Cologne stands not veritablment from its competitors by its technical characteristics and performance. It foreshadows yet the industrial product of tomorrow. Indeed, the Japanese automaker unveiled a first set of 3 customizations for his camera. Customizing produced in 3D printing. It is an initiative that we will find a large number of sectors of activity in the coming years.

The customization, the Holy Grail for many industrials

Is WertelOberfell German design studio that has been responsible for reinventing the Lumix GM1, a digital camera hybrid, it means a very small format but with interchangeable lenses. The designer worked with Materialise, specialists in 3D printing to propose 3 customizations for the GM1: Art Nouveau, Modernism and Digitalism. If the materials used for these hulls has not been specified, printers high-resolution Materialise will be exploited to produce these boxes, specialized it will ensure the finishing of the parts before delivering to Panasonic.
Many industrialists who see personalization as a good way to differentiate their products on the market will be able to see the success of this operation launched by Panasonic.

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Source : “Change the Focus with Panasonic”, Communiqué Materialise, October 2, 2014

Les 3 personnalisation que Panasonic compte proposer pour son Lumix GM1.

Les 3 personnalisation que Panasonic compte proposer pour son Lumix GM1.


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