The blue collar will be the next ‘connected object’?

Boitier-connecté-Sopra-HRThe ‘Human resources’ show which was held in Paris this week was an opportunity for the editor Sopra RH to unveil a new type of connected object. This is although it prototype and in its final version, it may take various forms. It is a small connected box that contains a temperature sensor, a pressure sensor and a microphone.
Slid into the bag of the worker, this housing will accumulate throughout his day of work these data to render an accumulation of exposure to noise, temperatures or pressures difficult. Data which will feed its painfulness account.

An object connected to meet the obligations of the painfulness account

The connected object developed by Sopra HR and other entities of the Sopra Group presented in Paris this week have no design. At all. Its rectangular box printed in 3D with its cover holding with an elastic is still a prototype. It could be put on the market by this editor of HR solutions (fruit of the acquisition of the HR Access to IBM in 2014) in the year, in anticipation of the entry into force of its painfulness in 2016. The law says that from 1 January 2016, an employee may be exposed more than 600 hours a year to noise, over 900 hours to extreme temperatures, mechanical vibrations more than 450 hours. Not simple values to account for the employer, data that in some cases may be unreliable. Where the idea of barder sensors employee to make these counts time in purely “scientific” without the filter of a site foreman, of a head of Department. The data are therefore communicated to the server of the company that holds every worker counts.

Sopra RH a développé un logiciel qui démontre ce que pourrait être le "backoffice" de ces boîtiers connectés pour ouvriers.

Sopra RH a développé un logiciel qui démontre ce que pourrait être le “backoffice” de ces boîtiers connectés pour ouvriers. Lorsque une valeur mesurée bascule dans rouge, le décompte commence pour le salarié.

There are already connected dosimeter on the market, but the interest of the solution, is that the boxes will multi-sensor (therefore measure not only the noise or vibration) and especially it will be connected to the server that will ensure the centralization of all the painfulness of the employees in the company accounts.
Of course, the finalized Sopra RH connected object will probably not look like the rudimentary housing unveiled in Paris this week. The editor mentions the possibility to integrate directly with the construction helmet, to access or, most original badge to the soles of the shoes of construction. The King of the deployment of one such system will be guaranteed by the accuracy of the information collected: exposure times are actually counted in the second by the system. Thus, no flare ‘ the day’ or half a day in favour of the employee will be possible.

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