Cape Town police enlists surveillance drones

Drone OblivionOblivion in Elyseum through Clones, or the Almost Humans series, we see more and more police or para-military robots to pursue suspects in the streets… when the police are not themselves robots.
Science fiction in Hollywood but soon a reality for the inhabitants of the Cape, in South Africa. There will be no police robots in the immediate future, however of surveillance drones will traverse the city to hunt down the suspects. Local police conducted the first tests and comes to order from the New Zealand Dronetec to provide its first police drones.

Octopteres in the forces of order and soon of the fixed wing drones

The drone Dronetec W.A.S.P. Mk4 chosen by the Cape Town police has nothing design of Oblivion, nor their power drones. This octoptere will not be armed, however it will be covered multiple sensors, including an infrared camera that will allow him to follow the flight of suspects in middle of the night.

Thermal imaging embedded in the drone W.A.S.P. chosen by the Cape Town police.

Thermal imaging embedded in the drone W.A.S.P. chosen by the Cape Town police.

The role of the WASP will be to accompany intervention forces and monitor the scene from above to possibly begin pursuit of runaways possible. If the W.A.S.P. is octoptere, its 8 motors are mounted on 4 masts. The performance announced by the New Zealand manufacturer is impressive. The drone can take air about thirty minutes and displays a top speed of 100 km/h with its load.
Besides his camera video, an infrared camera and a projector LED, JP Smith, the head of security for mayor of Cape Town evokes the possibility of equipping the drone of a type system Shotspotter to detect gunshots, as well as a plate reader license. Finally, the police could also equip drones with fixed wings for autonomy on larger area. As for the aerial shot, the drone gradually replaces the helicopter in less demanding conditions.

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Source : “Crime-fighting drones for the City of Cape Town”, MyBroadband, May 11, 2015

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