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Total Recall - JohnnyCabAfter the shock of the über rise, taxi drivers will soon have a new enemy: the robot. That thought still in the domain of science fiction is happening much faster than believed. The first Taxi robots are about to be tested in a small town in the Japan, the objective being ready for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Robots taxi tests will start in Japan in 2016

robottaxiThe “Total Recall” of Paul Verhoeven film released in 1990 with Arnold Schwarzenegger is certainly not remained as a masterpiece of SF cinema, but it has some small technological gems. Among these, the Johnnycab, this robot taxi borrowed by the hero. The film is set in 2084, but robots taxi should appear in our daily lives much more quickly that science fiction authors had hoped. Japanese Robot Taxi, Inc. will start their robot Taxi tests in Kanagawa province South of Tokyo. As a first step, these taxis will carry 50 people from their homes to the city and for their return. A driver will be held at the wheel to ensure that the autonomous car parte not in the ditch. As a second step, the service will be expanded and available via an application type smartphone UberPop.
You call the Taxi through the application, a Cloud service will schedule the race. In the third phase of the project, it will be possible to hail taxis on the street. Then, once the games of 2020 past, the service will be generalized in several cities in the Japan.

The Japanese test, but Uber, again, is also actively working on this concept of robotic taxis. American has hired away one of the brains of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Laboratory to place at the head of its research project on autonomous cars. Travis Kalanick, CEO of über cache more willingness to replace the drivers of their cars, not insignificant cost item in the Business Model of über by robots. The State of Arizona is willing to open its roads to the autonomous ubercars. That’s Uber, Robot Taxi Inc. or even Zoox, California with his L4 project will be the first to launch a stand-alone taxi service? The technology race is well underway.


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