Preview Innorobo 2016: “we want to change the world!”

Robosoft-Kompai-2For the first time, the Innorobo fair will take place at the Docks in Paris. It will be the 6th Edition of this event, which has established itself as the annual rendezvous of Robotics in France. This relocation of an event far 100% lyonnais should give a new dimension to the event even if Catherine Simon, President of Innoecho and great organizing of the event does not wish to call into question the recipes that have made the success of Innorobo in Lyon, namely diversity. Robotics is ubiquitous in industry 4.0, in the area of health, in our “smart homes”, our cars and more on the ground. So many currents that will be represented from 24 to 26 May 2016 in the halls of the Docks de Paris.

Innorobo, a window on the french Robotics ecosystem

“”Innorobo, this is not a show!”told Catherine Simon at the press conference announcing the Innorobo 2016 edition” what we want is to bring visitors to Innorobo in the heart of the robotic ecosystem. What I call ecosystem, these are the people who invent, develop robots, lead research projects, launch entrepreneurial projects. It is also everything that revolves around them, it is to say those who will apply these new technologies, which will derive from products and, finally, change the world with.”

Catherine-Simon, organisatrice d'Innorobo avec à ses côtés

At the microphone, Catherine-Simon, organizer of Innorobo with its Serge Grygorowicz, President of RB3D left and to his right, Anouk Wipprecht, High Tech Fashion Designer and Julien Séret, VP EMEA Business & Marketing of Aldebaran Robotics.

Now Parisian, the event will see its part “expo” divided into 6 thematic: the Smart Cities, smart home, the industry of the future, the robotics field, medical Robotics and health and related technologies (including artificial intelligence). The list of exhibitors and the first world is not yet closed but RB3D expected to unveil to the public for the first time its Exo Push exoskeleton, Generation should bring to the Docks of Paris cobots Baxter and his small cousin Sawyer, while RoboSoft should bring the second generation of its Kompaï assistance robot. Aldebaran Robotics, our national champion will obviously be at the Docks in Paris with a village devoted to the uses of its Nao and Pepper. There is no doubt that the latter, with an unprecedented commercial success will attract crowds.

In addition, some manufacturers of drones should join the event this year. Wulka Drones, a specialist of drones for the agricultural sector should be the travel. Finally, Innorobo will host for the first time Inside 3D Printing, a showroom dedicated to 3D printing.

An event for professional, but also open to the general public

“Robotics, it is a ‘General Purpose Technology’, a technology that will change deeply our structures of corporations on the technological, economic, political and educational plans.” “Overall, we’re here to change the world!” Innorobo ambition is to ask the opinion of citizens, faculty, politicians, actors, reason for which Innorobo is open to the public on Wednesday. “We are here to put people in relationship, so that they interact and and invent a world in which Robotics will transform our professional, personal, life our life in society.”

En lice pour le prix de la strartup robotique de l'année, le Grillbot nettoyeur de barbecue.

Shortlisted for the award of the year, the BBQ cleaner Grillbot Robotics startup.

Catherine Simon stressed the action of Innoecho in particular in the field of consulting to help French businesses for robotics to shine in the world. It thus stressed the boost given to Robosoft to submit his autonomous car to Singapore. In addition, Innorobo will be startups robotic distinguished for their technology or their original positioning. This year, following the call to startup a few months ago, 6 companies are finalists, 2 are French. Between Open Bionics, Axilum Robotics, Muse Robotics, VisionLabs, Grillbot (designer of a cleaning robot from… barbecue) and Terabee, which in between received the trophy? On 24 may at the Docks de Paris venue to discover startup Robotics of the year.

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