Netatmo and Huawei join the ‘Smart Home’ QIVICON platform

QuiviconThe french Netatmo comes to his choice of a ‘Smart Home’ multi-vendor platform and it will be QIVICON, the platform created by Deutsche Telekom to federate the equipment of the House. Netatmo, weather stations and connected thermostats Designer, but also the Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei join a nice skewer of manufacturers, including Philips, Osram, Miele, Samsung, Sonos.

Dozens of equipment already compatible QIVICON

Light bulbs, electrical plugs, thermostat, safety equipment, but also coffee machine, fridge, oven, washing machine, all these facilities of the House can be controlled through a single mobile application. It is the most direct application of the QIVICON platform.Smart-HomeThis platform was created in 2011 by Deutsche Telekom and saw the first compatible products in 2013. Thirty partners rallied the operator German and if the alliance was very German in its infancy (its headquarters is based in Darmstadt), the arrival of Netatmo and Huawei will certainly participate in its globalization.
The current list of manufacturers labeled ‘WIVICON’ includes Belkin, D-Link, Kärcher, Miele, Osram, Philips, Samsung, Sonos and then Netatmo and Huawei. QIVICON already sells the Home Base, a hub of communication for compatible equipment HomeMatic. Zigbee and WiFi extensions allow from is connected to other equipment. QIVICON therefore arises as another serious contender in this battle of platforms around the connected home.

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