Protector: When David Cameron unveils a mysterious drone

A Reaper MQ-9 Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) prepares for takeoff in Afghanistan / Photographer: Corporal Steve Follows RAF Image 45152585.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.ukOctober 3, 2015, in an interview with the Telegraph, the British Prime Minister announced the replacement of the 10 Reaper drones by twenty new drones. An effort which aims to support the struggle of the Western forces against the forces of ISIS both in Syria and in Iraq where the RAF drones are currently engaged. Stupor, David Cameron refers to the purchase of 20 drone ‘Protector’, a completely unknown device of military specialists…

Protector, the drone unknown to all until the “Prime minister” speaks

The United Kingdom conducted a project of development of a competitor the American Reaper into the biggest secret drone? Interview with David Cameron at the Telegraph has left specialists in expectation. What drone British Prime Minister spoke there when he announced the replacement of the 10 Reaper of the RAF by this Protector. Person has knowledge of a program of development of a drone of type MALE (medium Altitude / long Endurance) such as the Reaper at BAE Systems or Thales.

A Royal Air Force Reaper UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from 39 Squadron, makes its approach to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan following a mission. Photographer: Sgt Corinne Buxton RAF Image 45152092.jpg from

A Reaper of RAF deployed in Afghanistan (Photo: Sgt Corinne Buxton RAF/

The always very knowledgeable Jane’s evoked the possibility of a version anglicized the Hermes 900 of the Israeli Elbit Systems, like Thales had anglicized the smallest Hermes 450 to Watchkeeper, the army of his Majesty tactical drone. However, the new was surprising, at the time where the France and the Spain are growing in strength on the American Reaper.

We know more about this mysterious ‘Protector’ who will in fact be a more modern version of the General Atomics Reaper. The RAF has for the time being of the version Block 1 of the Reaper. The Americans have already renovated their Reaper to Block 5 standard, the french could benefit from this update in 2017. The United Kingdom will therefore remain faithful to the American Reaper. Yet to know if the English will opt for this new version Block 5 or the Predator B, version still improved the Reaper but also certified the Reaper which would facilitate its flights over European airspace. It will be available until 2019. Predator, Protector, David Cameron has made his choice!
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