Raspberry Pi 2, Ambassador of Microsoft to the makers

Raspberry-Pi-2-Mod-BWith nearly 4 million copies sold, map Raspberry was a huge success with the makers, but manufacturers looking for a small inexpensive platform to prototype the functions of a new product. Even the small Arduino, less expensive to purchase but less powerful, could not compete with sales of map created in Cambridge. The launch of the Raspberry sq ft, or more specifically the Raspberry Pi 2 Mod B is therefore an event. Far more powerful, it will be able to run Windows 10. An opportunity which Microsoft intends to take in its strategy of conquest of connected objects.

Intel and Microsoft are struggling to impose itself on the connected objects

Not easy for the couple Wintel to impose itself on the new world of connected objects. OS too heavy, too powerful processors, too expensive both, one as the other must questioning to conquer the market of the wearables, lightest connected objects and the heart of the makers. This old couple has even launched a map to their intent, the Galileo. Even offered and sent free to fans of DIY, it was much too late to catch up with the backlog on Raspberry, Arduino, BeagleBone Black and another Spark Photon and Core.

Microsoft relies on Raspberry and Galileo cards to seduce the makers.

Microsoft relies on Raspberry and Galileo cards to seduce the makers.

In announcing the availability of Windows 10 in Raspberry 2, Microsoft took advantage of the rise of the map to attempt a comeback. With its processor ARM Cortex-A7 clocked at 900 MHz, its gigabyte of RAM, the Raspberry is now capable of running Linux and Microsoft Windows 10. A great opportunity for Microsoft, which announced its future Windows 10 ARM free. For several months Microsoft working on porting its 10 Windows on this Raspberry ft 2 and does not publish the source code. Is that this will be enough to seduce the makers? With its programme Windows Developer Program for IoT, its card Galileo ARM with Intel, but also the Sharks Cove to push Atom, Microsoft made everything to convince them.
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