Will augmented reality market explode in 2016?

NextVRIf virtual reality has found its place on the market company, if all teens (and many others) now play 3D games, it is clear the failure of virtual reality and augmented public reality. The concepts are well known, but move to the stage of production to large scale reality goggles augmented and virtual reality still seems very difficult. Yet, as those of Manatt Digital Media analysts expect the explosion of this market. They consider it to 150 billion dollars by 2020! Who says better?

Both augmented reality and virtual reality games will get the market

VR-AR-actorsThe acquisition of Oculus by Facebook in March 2014 for $ 2 billion would be the founding act of the market of virtual reality to the public eye. It will be the first quarter of 2016 so that virtual reality goggles Oculus Rift are finally launched. For analysts, if the markets related to augmented reality and virtual reality will represent $ 150 billion by 2020. Surprisingly, the market of virtual reality will only weigh 30 billion in total, mainly thanks to the games, film and equipment. For Manatt Digital Media, it is the augmented reality that will win the jackpot. If the Google Glass are not transformed into commercial success, analysts consider that augmented reality equipment will carve out the lion’s share with a turnover of hoped to $ 120 billion by 2020 against… a handful of million currently.
This market will be divided between the hardware, with the sunglasses manufacturer and helmets, the providers of input, graphics devices, video capture devices. Content providers will find in the virtual reality of new opportunities, be it in the games sector, of the audiovisual (film/TV), health, education, and social networks. Finally, this area is a large consumer of software in all genres. Capture platforms, engine production and dissemination of content, 3D games, analytical tools, services Cloud, places will be in the constellation of niches that make up the market of virtual reality and augmented reality.
Optinvent Ora ARCurrently, these are Facebook (Oculus, Surreal Vision, QuickFire Networks), Microsoft (HoloLens, Mojang, Kinect), Google (Magic Leap, Jaunt, Glass, Jump), Canon (MReal), GoPro (Kolor), Sony (PlayStation.VR), Samsung (Gear), HTC (Vive, Steam) who hold the keys to this market. The acquisition of Oculus by Facebook resulted not (yet) it clicks, lack of a real commercial launch of the Oculus Rift. On the other hand, analysts estimate that Apple, which completed the acquisition of Metaio in may 2015 and Amazon leading VR and AR in secret, projects may replicate to Facebook and start the real growth of this market to the general public. Venue in 2016 for a ‘new’ take-off of the market of virtual reality and augmented reality.

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