Record entries for the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge

Airbus-Cargo-Drone-ChallengeAirbus has set new record in this area. Crowdsourcing campaign aimed at creating a drone of transport comes to collect 423 entries, a record on the Local-Motors platform that hosted the challenge. It’s better than the BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge, which brought together 414 projects in 2012 and that Domino’s Pizza and 385 candidates in its Ultimate Delivery Vehicle challenge. Fans of drones have demonstrated their imagination, to Airbus engineers choose the best concept.

A UAV design competition won an unprecedented success

Probablement le projet le plus original, l'Interkontinent de Sergiu Ilinca.

The Interkontinent project of Sergiu Ilinca.

The specification of departure of the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge was relatively simple. Create a drone of delivery capable to bring a load of 5 kg to a disaster zone. This drone is capable of taking off vertically, carry his load 5 kg on 60 km or 3 kg on 100 km and should not exceed 25 kg. In addition, this electric-powered drone must be at least a pusher propeller. This same equation of departure, more than 420 responses which engineers will need to choose the most effective.

The Board Airbus project will see its designer invited by Airbus at the Farnborough show and receives a bonus of $50,000, the following selected projects will receive $20,000 and $10,000.

Le Flycat de Huynh Ngoc Lan.

Huynh Ngoc Lan’s Flycat.

A logistics specialist jury will award three prizes, as well as the Local Motors community. For now, the jury is trying to validate projects and eliminate those who do not respect the initial conditions. Currently the number of projects shortlisted is 420, the final vote of the jury will be held from 6 to 16 June. Then, we’ll know which of the more than 400 drones will be chosen. Airbus will go to build it?

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