Regulation of UAVs: l’Europe takes position

DroneThe European Agency for air safety (EASA) has just published the beginnings of what will be the new air regulation in terms of drones. The document ‘ Concept of Operations for UAVs “lays the Foundation for the discussions that will take place throughout the year 2015 to develop the future European regulation. He favours a simplification of the rules for use of the drones on the continent. Europe wants to set up a regulatory simple enough to allow the flight of the market with the least possible hindrance while preserving the safety of the public.

The EFSA defines three types of flights: “Open”, “Specific” and “certified”

The European authority wants to stimulate the sector of civilian UAVs or rather PHSP (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) with a simple regulation and relatively loose. His paper ” Concept of Operations for UAVs ” defines 3 broad categories, without making any distinction between recreational flights or flight to commercial purposes, unlike the U.S. regulations.
QuadrocopterFlights ‘Open’ are those that have the least amount of risk. No prior authorization is necessary, we fear flying 500 meters to the round provided they keep the ucav in sight and do not exceed 150 metres above sea level. Overview of secure sites, aerodromes will be prohibited, and the crowds. On the other hand, this category does not prohibit overflights of people. Could therefore be a selfie with its drone without risking arrest by policemen.
The second category will be more binding. It’s the flights ‘Specific’ such as for example the shooting for a game of football or above a concert. EASA will dictate the drone operator to obtain an authorization to the aviation authority of his country.
Finally, the third category concerns the so-called flights ‘certified ‘. Just like commercial aircraft, devices of more than 150 kg must be certified in order to fit into the normal air traffic. The drone operator must have a license and his firm have received an operating permit.
A consultation process will be carried out throughout 2015 to develop this legislation, a more elaborate paper will be presented to the European commission at the end of year 2015. The document, which is currently 8 pages could well fill out here.

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Source : “Concept of Operations for Drones“, AESA [pdf], March 12, 2015

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