Renault Nissan send the autonomous car into overdrive

Nissan-Intelligent-DrivingSign of the times: it is not at the Salon de Paris, Tokyo or Detroit that Carlos Ghosn has made this announcement key for the future of the group, but in Sunnyvale, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Renault Nissan has finally unveiled its ambitions in terms of autonomous cars. Ambitions particularly high within a period ultra-short because these are not less than 10 autonomous models which will be launched by the franco-nippon group by 2020.

The Renault Nissan autonomous mode will grow phase after phase to 2020

10 models ranges Nissan and Renault will have an option led autonomous within 5 years, and ultimately these are all vehicles marketed by the group which will have such an option. This is the announcement shock made by Carlos Ghosn on 7 January 2015 in Sunnyvale.

Beginning this year, an autonomous driving mode will be available, a “single-lane control” mode that seems an evolution of the Adaptive controller. Usable on Highway, it will allow to run in standalone mode on a path, including congestion. In 2018, the group will propose a “multiple-lane control” mode that will integrate traffic lane change, the avoidance of obstacles. Finally, in 2020, cars will be able to negotiate the intersection and may move independently in city centres.
The Group engineers are working on a toolkit which is available to all brands of the group, which will allow to multiply models “empowered” in the ranges over the next years.

Nissan-IDS-Carlos GhosnIn addition to autonomous driving, Carlos Ghosn has announced for this year a new mobile application to interact with the car then a new system of infotainement for next year. A system that will host a personal virtual assistant in 2018. It is now Ogi Redzic, former car president of Nokia Here, which leads the connected car of the group strategy. It is he who will have to prepare the group to shock waiting for the automotive sector in this mutation to the autonomous car.

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