POM, the Open Source car from Renault

the automotive sector has literally taken by storm the CES in Las Vegas, including Renault. Carlos Ghosn, Chief Executive of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, hosted a keynote and if Renault unveiled a concept as revolutionary for the 2017 edition, the manufacturer not less did sensation with her POM, a straight electric vehicle inherited the Renault Twizy. Nothing new in principle except that this chassis is intended primarily to hobbyists, inventors and creators of startups of all stripes because it presents a key to the markers characteristic: it is Open Source.

POM, a car platform ready to tweak for the Makers

la Renault Twizy presented at CES in Las Vegas to promote the POM project.

It is on a joint stand Renault, ARM and OSVehicle these 2017 visitors were able to see a transformed into emergency vehicle Renault Twizy. The goal was not here to promote the small french electric vehicle in the United States, but to present POM, its Open-Source variation. OSVehicule, a startup created by Tin Hang and Yuki Liu to promote open vehicles source in the United States. Already a Twizy components had served as basis for the Strati, the car printed in 3D of Local Motors, now all makers will rely on POM as a basis for their project.
Technically the Renault POM, acronym of Platform Open-Mind is nothing else than a Renault Twizy stripped of its bodywork. A simple chassis but who remains with the set of its axles, its electric engines, its 6.1 kWh Lithium-Ion battery and its electronics. Cheerleading is offered in 2 versions, the 45 POM and POM 80. The first offers a power of 4 kW only and offers a maximum speed of 45 km/h while the second, with its 13 kW, can hope to reach 80 km/h. Official rates have not yet been disclosed by the project partners.

The idea is of course not to provide a high performance vehicle, but the box ideal mechanic to create a prototype electric vehicle. They can reuse the mechanical, electrical, electronic elements but also the embedded software that can be picked up, modified and enriched in the purest tradition of the Open Source movement.

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