ReWalk Robotics has raised $ 36 million on the Nasdaq

Rewalk-IPOReWalk Robotics, formerly Argo Medical Technologies, has successfully completed its IPO. The designer of the ReWalk exoskeleton has raised $ 36 million on the Nasdaq on a valuation of $ 136 million. It’s a bit less than expected in July 2014, when the Israeli startup had won his authorization ReWalk market in the United States, but it’s time for one of the most IPO successful on the Nasdaq in 2014 Designers of the medical exoskeleton for paraplegics was hoped a value between 250 and 300 million. According to Winter Green Research, the market for robots rehabilitation, robotic prostheses and these medical exoskeletons is currently estimated at $ 43.3 million. There will be 1.8 billion in 2020.

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