Rinspeed Budii, the 100% digital car, will be presented at Geneva 2015

Rinspeed-BudiiIt is a well singular vision of the automobile as the office of Frank Rinderknecht prepares to unveil at the upcoming Geneva show.
The Swiss Rinspeed will expose a funny BMW topped a periscope i3 and whose interior is full of digital devices, from chips NFC, mobile chargers, touch screen large format or a steering wheel mounted on an arm robot, this car has been dubbed Rinspeed Budii. It seeks to redefine the relationship between the man and the machine. Not less than 26 technology suppliers brought technological bricks in this demonstrator out of the ordinary.

A truffle demonstrator of Informatics and electronics

Rinspeed-Budii---intérieurThis amazing BMW I6 should attract attention at the next Geneva Motor Show. The Rinspeed design bureau we were accustomed the adjustments more or less delusional from various Porsche, Bugatti, Viper, Tesla Model S and other Fiat 500 when it comes to cars hydrofoils. The 2015 edition will be marked for the Swiss company by digital. His ‘friendly’ car Budii project is in fact totally turned to digital, with a small BMW rammed i3 of electronics, a Tablet digital large format, multiple gadgets and… a robot.
Outside the showier innovation is undoubtedly the periscope coming to unfold above the vehicle when it is on the road. Innovation, dubbed TrackView, ext. 70 cm above the roof of the car. It is actually a laser that will map the route in 3D before the car. Invented by German Kiran Automative, it theoretically allows to adjust the suspensions to the condition of the road in real time, it can also detect any obstacle before even that the driver sees them.

A robot arm tends the steering wheel to the passenger who wishes to lead

The periscope delivers a video picture of the road ahead of the vehicle, but also noted the obstacles which might arise.

The periscope delivers a video picture of the road ahead of the vehicle, but also noted the obstacles which might arise.

Once entered the vehicle via electric doors, the first element that will hit the visitor, it is the wheel which is more placed on the column direction, but at the end of a Kuka robot arm. Depending on whether the driver will want to drive his car or let her lead him to destination in autonomous driving, the steering wheel will move ahead or not. The clearance allows to use a computer or to freely use the Tablet digital large format which is equipped with the car. It is even possible to change the steering wheel in the right seat if the passenger wants to lead in turn. Rinspeed, advised by consultants Ernst & Young wanted to reconsider the relationship between the man and the machine of the autonomous cars of the future.
It would take too long to detail all the other digital equipment of the Budii. Harman provided the car infotainment system, while access to the computer of the car is directed by chip NFC. 26 suppliers, mostly Swiss and German, participated in this technological Assembly which, in the end, looks more like a technological showcase that a real concept car of the future.

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Source : “Rinspeed “Budii” redefines human-machine interaction”, Communiqué de presse Rinspeed, February 16, 2015

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