RoboCup 2014: the French eliminated in quarterfinals

RoboCup2014FIFA hairdresser’s assistant finally left the Brazilian stadiums, yielding their place to Robocup 2014 a World Cup that pits robots of all types. Just like its human counterpart, this competition is held this year in Brazil, Joao Pessoa. A French team managed to qualify for the competition, Rhoban Football Club. Just like their human counterpart, small humanoid team, the Sigmaban, reached the quarter-finals. A beautiful course until the Japanese team CIT Brains put an end to hopes traffic. His Dynamo Accelite have atomized French defense. See you next year.

45 countries involved in the competition

Robocup2014 Nao

Aldebaran’s Nao compete in the Standard Platform League.

After beating Robopatriots American, Australian, Mexican, lost against the Iranian team from Bordeaux Rhoban Football Club have lost to the Japanese. Synonymous elimination defeat. The French of LaBRI (Laboratory of Informatics Research at the University of Bordeaux, CNRS and ENSEIRB-MATMECA) leave the competition head high after reaching the quarter-finals.

If robots are still not as rapid and dramatic on the ground that their human counterparts, are no less than 60,000 spectators are expected to Joao Pessoa, despite the remoteness of the small coastal town. Thirty teams were in the category humanoid child size, the most disputed of the plateau, but many other categories see robots compete either football or on other activities. Same success for the Standard Platform League, a category where all teams compete with a standard robot, little Aldebaran Nao in this case.

Play football remains a challenge for a humanoid robot

Robocup2014-EquipesThe premier class, the robots human scale, only saw 5 teams qualify for the competition. Evidence that attempting to play the ball a humanoid remains the domain of achievement. The first game pitted teams from Taiwan, China, India, Germany and the United States. It is the U.S. team Thorwin flying over for the moment the competition.

A lot of categories, some are far from football

L'une des nombreuses autres disciplines de la compétition RoboCup.

L’une des nombreuses autres disciplines de la compétition RoboCup.

Force, but also the Achilles heel of the RoboCup is to contribute in many categories of parallel robots, mainly depending on their size, type. So there is an abundance of competition that makes event not very readable by the general public, but obviously attracted builders robots amateurs and students. For, besides football, robots have the opportunity to compete on activities rather distant ball games: dance contest, rescue robot, pure software simulations, imagination is in power. Thus, another French team made the trip to Brazil, it is the team of the School of Chemistry, Physics and Electronics Lyon (Lyon CPE). It is thus included in the RoboCup @ Work competition, contest manipulation depicting a corporate environment, knowing that there is a parallel competition more “domestic”, RoboCup @ Home.
The success of the RoboCup seems to inspire the Japanese since Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister has announced its willingness to host the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo and organize parallel first robotic Olympic history.

Sources : « Try to contain yourselves Robot Wars fans: Japanese PM wants ‘Robot Olympics by 2020′ », Metro, July 23, 2014

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