Formula E is preparing Roborace, the world championship of autonomous cars

Formula-E RoboraceAn autonomous Car Championship is under study. Called Roborace and the first races will take place during the season 2016/2017 Formula e. On this single seater Championship circuits electrical, a dozen teams should align robots cars which will have to compete on an hour races. All electric cars will have to be controlled in real time by an AI. A challenge technology out of the ordinary that is preparing to raise the Kinetik company and organizer of the formula E Championship.

First race of car robots by 2016

roborace_newsThe crowd will get passionate about a car robots race as she is passionate (sic), a Sunday on two to see a Mercedes win F1 the weekend race? For now, the time is for large projects. Roborace will see 10 teams compete on urban circuits of the formula on an hour races.

Alejandro Agag, CEO of the Formula E and Denis Sverdlov, founder of Kinetik and this Championship Roborace created some surprise in the world of motor sport with this premiere. Investment fund based in the technoparc Enstone, near the Team Lotus F1, Kinetik is little known outside Britain. Funded project that designs wheelchairs for trucks and buses trains electric. It is its founder, Denis Sverdlov that is well known. Russian, founder of Yota has made a fortune by selling his company to the operator MegaFon in 2012. He is also the dual display Yotaphone smartphone.

The Roborace, a race… of algorithms

A project as ambitious as short delays, one wonders how this Championship will start in a little less than a year. Alejandro Agag gave some details about the Roborace, a monotype formula electrically “This will be an open challenge. We, along with Kinetik, will provide the car, a platform on which teams will put their software, their algorithms.

A Monaco grand prix without any driver at the start, it will be in 2016/2017.

A Monaco grand prix without any driver at the start, it will be in 2016/2017.

Teams will not have to design and build themselves their cars but they must be completely autonomous, will not be a radio-controlled car race!” If it adds that for the 10 teams that will be able to engage in this Championship, the challenge will be simple from the point of view of cars, provided by the Organization, the algorithms that they will have to make the difference. “It will be easy for teams to plan hardware, but they have the best algorithms to prevail. They must achieve 2 goals: both go fast but also interact with other vehicles. Need to learn how to double, brake to not collide with another competitor.” Denis Sverdlov pointed at some of the challenges of this project a little crazy:”we need to test multiple technologies, particularly in the area of telecoms. ” How cars will exchange data between – them, with infrastructure. In addition we want 4K video from cars, which is a big challenge in terms of telecom. We will advance many technologies through this Championship“.

A race of robot really is a Motorsport?

The FIA recognise the Roborace as it did to the formula? Alejandro Agag said: “is that it will be a motor sport? I have no answer to this question. This Championship will be very different from what we have seen so far. The people who will be interested Roborace may not be those usually interested, but those who are interested in technology, innovation, how the world will be in 50 or 100 years.

What will look like a

What will look like a “no seater” of Roborace? Mystery.

It will be much more a race of technology as a race of people, but we do not know to what this will evolve. “In 50, 100 years, it will be everyday, but today we are still in the stone age.” Who will be industrial, companies which will align the line of departure in 2016? We know that Audi is already rolling on circuit an autonomous car for a few months. Other manufacturers master enough technology to try adventure, same actors circuits as far far points out the organiser of the formula: “many automotive suppliers work on autonomous driving current technologies. These technologies will be placed on the market within 3-5 years. “Some of between – them will be interested in this Championship, maybe some will come from completely different domains.” The CEO of the formula cited the involvement of Google in research on autonomous cars. The American will rise in the tub of the Roborace?

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