Video of the week: the agricultural robot BoniRob of Bosch / Deepfield Robotics

Bosch has released a new video of the BoniRob. This robot, from a research project funded by the Department of German agriculture that unites Bosch to the Amazon agricultural equipment manufacturer, at the Graduate School of Osnabrück, as well as at the University of Wageningen. A robot original since it is shaped U and in the centre of which a cubic module can be implemented. Like this robot being called to be multipurpose, this cube can contain sensors, tooling, according to the mission that we are going to assign to it. Guided by GPS, BoniRob runs on batteries. It is equipped with a Lidar, a laser mapping which allows him to understand his environment thus adjust its path (distance between its wheels) to toggle between two furrows. The BoniRob must be marketed by Deepfield Robotics, a spin-off from Bosch.

Le robot agricole BoniRob de Deepfield Robotics (Bosch).

The agricultural robot BoniRob of Deepfield Robotics (Bosch).

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