Video of the week: Nao, hired as concierge of the Hilton McLean hotel

Connie is the name of the new concierge currently training in McLean Hilton hotel near Washington. This intern is easily recognizable, is the little robot Nao Aldebaran Robotics. pilot project by Hilton, IBM Watson and WayBlazer travel platform, caretaker of a new type welcomes hotel guests and can answer their most common questions. Disposed at a static position, the hotel’s reception desk is filled with much the same job as a host terminal except that the robot can attract customers especially sympathy by tracing his answers and attitudes custom.

An artificial intelligence coupled with a robot, an idea that is gaining ground

This is not the first time emerges the idea of ​​coupling artificial intelligence in the cloud, IBM Watson in this case with a robot. The startup CogniToys working on a toy robot, Green Dino, who will himself also call for Watson to interact with users of the robot. If today must buzz the concierge Connie still at the pilot project stage.
Source: “IBM Watson now has powers Hilton hotel porter robot” , Ars Technica, March 9, 2016

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