Military robotics: Russia bares fangs

robot-russeIn a video of propaganda published by the pro-Russian South Front website, the Russian army reveals about a series of particularly aggressive military robots and drones. It shows a good half-dozen robots shielded cables of various sizes. Since the robot for mine action to the armored vehicle equipped with missiles, impossible to know the level of maturity of these multiple devices but the Red Army message is clear: it put on the robots to deal with asymmetric confits in which it is engaged, especially Syria.

The Russian army has publicly unveiled some of its combat robots

According to the commentary of the video published on the ArmedForcesUpdate account, some of the present robots would have known their baptism of fire in Syria. An information well obviously unverifiable. The video shows several types of robots. Among the lighter, the “Platforma-M”, a small tracked vehicle the military want to equip 2 missile. In the same range, ‘Nerekhta’ for its part has a machine gun on mobile lookout. Above these small robots, the range Uran which already includes two members, the 4 Uran and Uran 9. The first is a demining robot, a disarmed robot one imagines precede soldiers on trapped paths. Version Uran 9 proved to be much more offensive. According to video, this robot ce robot has automatic Cannon 30 mm, “Ataka” anti-tank missiles as well as missile anti-aircraft “Igla” or “Verga”.
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Armored BMP - 3 has been already robotic Russian army. The heavy tank T-14 should be in turn a

Armored BMP – 3 has been already robotic Russian army. The heavy tank T-14 should be in turn a “robotic” update.

In addition to these robots, the Russian army wants to robotize in order some of its current armor. Thus, the video features a BMP-3, a vehicle of infantry shielded nearly 19 tons which could be engaged without crew. The ambition of Moscow does not stop there since it is the brand new heavy T-14 “Armata” char which might have to turn to a dronisee version. No picture of this tank in the presented video, but a few tracks on that prepare the Russians. They want that a tank can remotely control a second. A radio link broadband should enable the human crew to access all sensors of the autonomous tank.

Besides these battle bots, the video shows a drone armed quadcopter to a grenade launcher to fire on targets with multiple robots of small sizes that complement this arsenal. Uninhibited and free of any ideological debate on the use of robots in the army, Putin’s Russia world shows its ambitions in this area, whether destined for the jihadists, the Ukrainians and the major powers.

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