Military robotics: where are the Russians today?

Androide-militaire-russeThe image did the trick of the Web. While visiting the centre of research of the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF), the equivalent Russian of DARPA, Vladimir Putin was treated to a demonstration of the first Russian battle Android.
A demonstration during which the Russian president seemed bored deep into looking at the proud robot do its obstacle course screwed on his quad. The Russian fighter robot seems not yet up to the expectations of the Kremlin, it is the flag bearer of the research effort directed by the Russia military robotics.

Russian “DARPA” leads this battle with Android Technics Android project

Created in 2012 on the DARPA model, the various finance ARF research program both in the fields of physics, medicine, computer science, telecommunications, various military technologies. Among the programs on which the ARF communicates, research on robots imitating animals to move, insect robot, etc.

Russian Android about to leave on a mission before the Russian president Putin (source: ARF).

Russian Android about to leave on a mission before the Russian president Putin (source: ARF).

Android soldier submitted to Putin was directed by Android Technics, a laboratory in anthropoid robotics, the first of its kind in Russia, created in 2013, but in fact the heir to the work of the “Scientific and Production Association” Russian. This laboratory is already at the origin of an impressive series of robots, including the AR-600, a model very similar to our Warrior robot, the MR – 400 mounted on wheels, or even the amazing SR – 200, telepresence robot. According to Russia Today (RT) which broadcast only a small part of the demonstration of this soldier Android, in addition to his route in quad, he was able to open fire with a revolver.

Multiple projects in parallel with one goal: catch up with the USA


The robotic tank that may ensure the defence of the launch of Russian nuclear missiles from 2020 sites (Source: Ministry of Defense of Russia).ssie).

In addition to the Android project, the Russia leads several military robots in parallel development projects. Thus the Moscow Times has unveiled here a few week a robotic tank project. It is being tested in the Astrakhan region. This shielded will have to protect the launch sites of nuclear missiles of the Russian army by 2020, according to the article.
Finally, Moscow Bauman University develops several years a range of recognition and resembles the Packbot demining robots and SUGV provides iRobot to the U.S. Army. In 2009, his first projects were disclosed publicly, including a heavily armed robot. The ambition displayed by the Russia was to catch up with the United States.


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